• Ali


    Ali is known for being talkative, that’s if you can hear her over her hair.
    Straight out of the womb she was off to the theatre, hell bent on keeping her finger on the pulse of all the acting talent in Ireland.
    After a brief dalliance with acting in her teens, Ali started as a casting assistant at the
    tender and awkward age of 17, a love affair with the craft was born and from that, the rebellious child that is AC Casting sprung forth in 2002.
    Carving out a niche in commercial casting, she went on to dive headlong into drama projects too.
    In her spare time she tells great jokes badly, sails the seas and adores nothing more than catapulting herself to the farthest flung corners of the globe.

  • Katy


    Katy (or Dedikaty as she is known in the office) joined as Ali’s nimble right hand in 2009 and now is our prized Casting Associate.
    She’s proud of her roots having recently had her colour refreshed and also her Corkonian heritage.
    Whilst Ali has always had a personal aversion to formal education she is damn proud of Katy who is a Masters Graduate from Trinity College Dublin and Royal Holloway University of London.
    Katy’s superpower is recognising any actor any time anywhere no matter how out of context or heavy the blindfold – it really is extraordinary and on that basis we’re happy to say she’s sticking around.


    AC Casting is a bustling, creative casting company. We’re currently embracing our new home in leafy Ranelagh. We are passionate about actors, efficiency, bad puns* and bringing dedication and sparkle to each project.

  • Office

    The Team

    We work with our very special team of freelancers, many of whom have been working with Ali since she was casting lookey likey animals for Noah.
    All have unique strengths (we don’t accommodate any weaknesses).
    So from street casting to leading ladies we can confidently say we have it all wrapped up.

  • Office

    The Studio

    We love our new home.
    Here’s a picture of us working really hard.