The A+ team

We hold ourselves to a high standard—nothing less than excellence will do.


casting director

Ali Coffey

Ali is known for her high energy and quick wit, but beneath the great jokes told badly and unforgettable red hair is a casting director with tremendous depth of knowledge through experience. Her passion drives a tireless and passionate casting team with unwavering integrity. Straight out of the womb she was off to the theatre, hell bent on keeping her finger on the pulse of all the acting talent in Ireland. After a brief dalliance with acting in her teens, Ali started as a casting assistant at the tender and awkward age of 17, a love affair with the craft was born and from that, AC Casting sprung forth in 2002. initially carving out a niche in commercial casting, ACC has grown into a company embracing many lauded film and TV projects. Ali holds an O1 US visa awarded for demonstrating extraordinary ability in her field, she travels regularly to New York and beyond particularly keeping abreast of Irish talent stateside. In her spare time she is a judge for the International Emmys, presenter for the Emerging Directors Awards, sails the seas and raises a tiny human.


casting director

Katy Moylan

Katy (or Dedikaty as she is known in the office) joined as Ali’s nimble right hand in 2009 and now is an acclaimed casting director. She’s proud of her roots having recently had her colour refreshed and also her Corkonian heritage. Whilst Ali has always had a personal aversion to formal education she is damn proud of Katy who is a Masters Graduate from Trinity College Dublin and Royal Holloway University of London. Katy’s superpower is recognising any actor any time anywhere no matter how out of context or heavy the blindfold—it really is extraordinary and on that basis we’re happy to say she’s sticking around.


casting associate

Sarah Hone

Sarah has worked in theatre and film since she finished school a “few” years ago. She holds a BA Theatre and Performance and an MA Dramatherapy and has worked as a professional actress for Disney and as a casting assistant on the blockbuster film “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Sarah had her own Dramatherapy practice in Sydney and has taught acting in universities such as The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney, Temple University Japan, The Gaiety School of Acting and Bow Street Screen Acting Academy in Dublin. If that’s not enough, she’s also written and directed shows for professional theatre companies.


casting co-ordinator

Alison Rainsford

Alison is always calm and cool under pressure while maintaining peak efficiency. She joined us as an intern in 2013 and having finished her studies—a BA in Business Studies and Arts Management and an MA in Film and Television Studies—found her way back to join the ACC team and we couldn’t be more delighted. She is a prolific reader (historical fiction and murder mysteries are her favourite genres), ardent dog lover, film buff, multitasker, and skincare enthusiast. Alison has 2 pugs that she adores and is an Honorary Dog Physiotherapist. If needed, she also provides the muscle to do heavy lifting in the office.


casting assistant

Becky Sillery

Becky studied music in DKIT but, after discovering she had a natural talent for the dramatic, went on to study Performing Arts for three years in BIFE.  She completed her drama degree with the University of Wolverhampton at Colaiste Dhulaigh in 2017, where she received a certificate of excellence for "overall highest achievement". She is an actor that has been performing and auditioning since then and joined our team as an intern in November 2018.